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NBA Action Series

NBA Action 95

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Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             NBA Action series (3 titles)
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Sports (basketball)
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          Sega's standard in-house pro basketball game.

IMPRESSIONS:      Something about the game changed in a major way every
                  year, and not always for the best.  It stated off with
                  such promise, then went downhill fast.  I'd rather stick
                  with EA's NBA Live series instead.

VARIATIONS:       NBA Action 1994 (1994, pseudo-3D perspective and the best
                    of the series that I've personally reviewed)
                  NBA Action 1995 (1995, actual programming by Double
                    Diamond Studios - a horrid YACEG with a laughable 2D
                    game engine and a token endorsement by David Robinson)
                  NBA Action 1996 (1996, no info available)

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Re: NBA Action Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, November 24 @ 18:45:06 EST

yeah, so true.... the first installment of this series was EXCELLENT!! but the follow ups were pitiful to say the least! but to me ACTION 94 is a better playing BBall game than the nba live series. You don`t get that sliding around the court feeling in this game like you do in Live. And players without the ball move much more realistically than they do in Live. They come off of screens and knock down the jumpers, they pick and roll better, players cut to the basket better than they do in the Live series, and the post game was quite good. And i love the camera angle in this game. This angle is perfect for seeing all your players and making accurate passes.

Only 2 bad things about this game-

1. The lack of plays you can calls is a bummer (but the plays they do have are very good) you only get like 3 plays but they`re pretty common plays that you see in the NBA so basketball strategy does play a big factor in this game, i think its more of a factor than in the Live series.

2. The graphics are not nearly as good as Live`s. The players look rather pixeled and not as sharp as the NBA Live players.

Other than that this game is exellent! I recommend playing this game atleast once in your lifetime..

I can only imagine how good this series might have become if they would`ve stuck with this game engine but they didn`t and the game got worse and worse. Allthogh i`ve heard the saturn version of this game is pretty good but i`ve never played it. And then sega released nba 2k. Which i think is secretly nba action but nobody really talks about this.

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Re: NBA Action Series (Score: 1)
by Gens1 on Sunday, December 28 @ 17:27:34 EST
(User Info)

If you like this game then it looks like you've been drunk! First off all the grapics suck. Second of all the players suck.And last ting is the music sucks.
Thats A Ten Second Violation!!!!!!!

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Re: NBA Action Series (Score: 1)
by Gens1 on Tuesday, December 30 @ 13:54:28 EST
(User Info)

I had to send another review for this game. The store that I bought it at was selling it for $1.99(basiclly all there games are this price though)It makes me want to cry!!!!! Thats how bad it is.They put it on a slant so it looks 3-D. Genesis is a 16-Bit system not a 32 bit system(unless you get the 32X)
I wish I hadn't bought it. It's CCCCCRRRRRAAAAAPPPPP!

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Re: NBA Action Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 31 @ 21:50:24 EST

you got this game for $1.99? thats a steal! you won`t get a better playing basketball game than this for $1.99.. but it sounds like you were expecting terrific graphics??? haha! you won`t get that with this game but you will get outstanding gameplay!

and whats wrong with Marv Alberts voiceovers throughout the game? do you know what a 10 second violation is? in Live all they say is "three." you don`t get any other voiceover in Live.

and whats wrong with the camera angle? its perfect for passing and shooting. some camera angles are terrible for this but action 94 has a very inovative camera angle... you can see the all of your players! its one of the best camera angles you`ll get in a basketball game! i would like to see this angle in one of the new NBA games!

this is a very good BASKETBALL game. i put basketball in all caps because thats what this game is all about! its a very solid basketball game! but if graphics and sound interests you more than GAMEPLAY then you probly won`t like it, you`re better off playing xbox or ps2 games, which is all we play now days anyways, right?

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