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Spiderman Series

Spiderman And The X-Men - Arcade's Revenge

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Game Genie™ Codes For Spiderman And The X-Men - Arcade's Revenge
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1BAXA-AA52Always get option of playing Spider-Man Security Level
2AFJA-AAC8Start with 2 lives
3AZJA-AAC8Start with 6 lives
4BKJA-AAC8Start with 11 lives
5GKJA-AAC8Start with 51 lives
6NVJA-AAC8Start with 100 lives
Spider-Man Codes:
7ACBT-GAAGSpider-Man is invincible after being hit once
8A4AT-GA5GInfinite lives
99G8T-H94JJump a little higher
108W8T-H94JSpider-Man jumps much higher
11TCAT-GCBWStart with 3x normal energy
12ECAT-GCBWStart with 2x normal energy
13GCAT-GABWStart with 1/2x normal energy
14ECAT-GABWStart with 1/3x normal energy
15A0AT-GABWStart with almost 0 energy
16TH7T-GCBR + TD7T-GCB2Maximum energy is 3x normal
17AH7T-GCBR + AD7T-GCB2Maximum energy is 2x normal
18JH7T-GABR + JD7T-GAB2Maximum energy is 1/2x normal
19FX7T-GABR + FX7T-GAB2Maximum energy is 1/3x normal
20AM7T-GABR + AH7T-GAB2Maximum energy is almost 0
21AD7T-GABGHeart worth nothing to energy
22BM7T-GABGHeart worth 1/2x normal to energy
23FD7T-GABGHeart worth 2x normal to energy
24HX7T-GABGHeart worth 3x normal to energy
25TH7T-GCBGHeart restores full energy
26AD6T-GAGNProtection from most hits
27A56T-GAGNMost hits hurt 1/2x normal
28DD6T-GAGNMost hits hurt 2x normal
29EX6T-GAGNMost hits hurt 3x normal
30TH6T-GCGNMost hits are lethal
31ACYT-GAGASpikes don't hurt
32ARYT-GAGASpikes hurt 1/2x normal
33BWYT-GAGASpikes hurt 2x normal
34CLYT-GAGASpikes hurt 3x normal
35TGYT-GCGASpikes are lethal
X-Men Codes:
36ABZT-AAAJCyclops, Wolverine and Storm have infinite lives
37ADYT-AABNGambit has infinite lives
38AB2A-BZ62Wolverine and Cyclops jump a little higher
39TB2A-BV62Wolverine and Cyclops jump much higher
40AD2A-BX3AGambit jumps a little higher
41AD2A-BP3AGambit jumps much higher
42BXFT-AAF8Storm loses air faster under water
43AXFT-AAF8Storm loses air more slowly under water
44ADFT-AAF8Storm doesn't lose air swimming under water
45RHFT-A6YLStorm's air is replenished immediately at surface
46AK5T-AA6TCyclops and Wolverine are almost invincible
47ATYA-CA26Gambit is almost invincible
48RF3A-A608Hearts and rubies restore full energy for Cyclops and Wolverine
49986T-B880 + ADAT-AACLAlways have power blast

Excerpt from Genesis Game Guide by The Scribe

NAME:             Spiderman series (5 titles)
AUTHOR/VENDOR:    various
RELEASED:         various
TYPE:             Action
LANGUAGE:         English

PREMISE:          A series of games based on the wall-crawling superhero
                  personally created by Stan Marvel for Marvel Comics.

IMPRESSIONS:      You would think that with all these different programming
                  houses involved, at least one would do justice to the
                  franchise.  They don't.  The best of the series is only
                  mediocre, and some are downright obnoxious.  Spiderman
                  fans will probably have a field day, but the rest of us
                  will get bored fast.

VARIATIONS:       Spiderman vs. the Kingpin (1991 by Sega, Spiderman
                    squares off against a mob boss bent on taking over the
                    city - not bad for an early effort, and certainly not
                    as obnoxious or pretensious as some of the latter
                    entries in the series)
                  Spiderman - The Animated Series (1993 by Western
                    Technologies and marketed by Acclaim, ol' Spidey has
                    to deal with three of his more formidable foes after
                    they stage a daring jailbreak and begin to raise all
                    sorts of hell - average graphics and gameplay, and has
                    the worst sound mix of the lot)
                  Spiderman and the X-Men - Arcade's Revenge (1993 by
                    Software Creations, marketed by Acclaim under their
                    Flying Edge product line, Spidey gets the unenviable
                    task of saving his fellow superheroes the X-Men from
                    an unknown enemy - the silliest story of the lot, and
                    kinda frustrating in places)
                  Spiderman and Venom - Maximum Carnage (1994 by Software
                    creations and released by LJN, Spidey teams up with
                    his alterego Venom to fight his second alterego
                    Carnage - confusing plot unless you're familiar with
                    the comic books, but at least the graphics are decent
                    and the gameplay is bearable)
                  Spiderman and Venom - Separation Anxiety (1995 by
                    Software Creations and released by Acclaim, Spidey and
                    team up once again to help Venom fight off his own
                    clones and the people responsible for them - very much
                    like its predecessor, where you beat people up for
                    twenty or so levels - this is one of the hardest Spidey
                    games to track down because it was the last one
                    released for the platform)

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Maximum Carnage (Score: 1)
by deaddudegod on Wednesday, August 07 @ 23:28:34 EDT
(User Info)

I think (to the best of my knowledge anyway) this was the only Mega Drive game released on a coloured cartridge - It's bright red!

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Re: Spiderman :animated series (Score: 1)
by Raine on Saturday, July 20 @ 22:51:46 EDT
(User Info)

this was by far a different aproatch to the wall crawler than previously seen...although i have never completed this one, due to the fact that the hobgoblin is nearly impossible to beat, I love playing through the level time after time...but sadly the SNES counterpart faired much better on the animation control and sound =(

[ Reply ]

Re: Spiderman Series (Score: 1)
by demonsweat777 on Saturday, June 30 @ 07:59:11 EDT
(User Info)

Spiderman VS Kingpin is my fave of the bunch. In the game you have a certain amount of time to beat the game. And it can be kind of frustrating when you get to the final stage and then your time runs out halfway through it. Another unique feature in this game is that you can take pictures of yourself in action and sell the pics for cash to use for your web-slinging materials and stuff. This is one of those games in which I got to the final boss but never quite managed to beat... (in comes Genecyst with save-states).

[ Reply ]

Re: Spiderman Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, April 06 @ 19:50:01 EDT

yeah, i own the game. Its kinda hard in some places but thats what extra live codes are for!!!

[ Reply ]

Re: Spiderman Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, July 13 @ 11:27:28 EDT

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Re: Spiderman Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, October 28 @ 15:17:23 EDT

Ii tare de tot

[ Reply ]

Re: Spiderman Series (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, November 19 @ 20:02:57 EST

Where do I put the code for example :ADNB-4AD8 for Infinite lives?

[ Reply ]

Re: Spiderman vs the kingpin (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, April 06 @ 19:57:08 EDT

Spiderman vs the kingpin is looks better than the pictures seem

[ Reply ]

Re: Spiderman vs.. kingpin (Score: 1)
by SamuraiJohn on Monday, April 22 @ 16:56:50 EDT
(User Info)

With the Movie coming soon to theaters! You gotta try this game! It has all the ablityes of spider man! Webcrawl, websling.. ect! Its great! and its a blast to play for hours on end!

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