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    Re: Streets Of Rage Series (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, 23 August 2004 @ 21:53:54

    Having played the Final Fight trilogy, and owning the Streets of Rage trilogy, I personally like SOR far more than Final Fight.

    Streets of Rage 3 is my favorite of the series, for many reasons. I also think it was well done, and the music was good(I don't see why others keep complaining about it!). I thought some way cool new features to this game were that there are more moves you can do than in SOR1 and 2, you can now roll, from foreground to back and vice versa, THE TIMER IS GONE(unlike the previous two games, there's no time limit in this game), AND you get a way cool Tech Bar, that when it says "OK", you can do techs WITHOUT losing health, like you normally would in Streets of Rage 2.
    Other plus sides to this great game are;

    1)The difficulty. This game is noticably harder than its precessors, and some of the bosses are insanely tough!

    2)The characters. There are more characters than the previous SOR games. 4 main characters you can select and 2 unlockables

    3)The graphics. No matter what anyone says, it's clear to see that SOR3 has the best graphics of the trilogy, surpassin SOR2's by far.

    4)The voices. I think the voices of the main characters, and most other characters are extremely well done...especially Axel's! He sounds incredibly rough, and strong. "BARE KNUCKLE!"

    5)Multiple Endings! Unlike the SOR games before it, SOR 3 has various endings, depending on which path you take, at a branching point in the game.

    6)More interactive stages. See, the previous SOR games had great comment there, BUT SOR3 has more stages that allow you to interract with the invironment-for instance, on Stage 4, there are two subway tracks, and every few seconds, a robot sub will come down the shaking track and hit anything that's in it's path-which can be bad for you, and good for enemies.

    I personally think this game is the best out of the bunch, and if you don't already own it, make sure you buy it!

    PS.Streets of Rage 3 is now consiterred a rare game, so if you do have it, hold onto it. No joke.

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