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    Re: Sonic Series (Score: 1)
    by CrossBow ( on Thursday, 23 August 2001 @ 12:11:32

    Okay here we go...

    My absolute favorite is still the first Sonic 1 and here is why.

    The first game I was ever introduced to was Altered Beast on the Genny. It looked cool but I wasn't that impressed with how choppy the graphics seemed to look. Also the sound was better than anything I had heard but it simply just didn't impress me near as much as the look of the Genesis itself did.

    Then a few days later my same buddy calls me over to check out a new game on it. I wasn't looking all that forward to going but did so out of curiosity and because it was cool to hang out anyway. What I say made my jaw drop to the floor!

    Yeap he had just gotten Sonic 1 and had just hooked the Genesis into his stereo system in his room. To put it mildly I was impressed just upon hearing "SEGAaaa" at the opening. Then when I actually saw all the bright colors and the main theme track I was hooked. I stayed over late that night and come over almost everyday (which pissed him off eventually I am sure) just to play that game. Sonic 1 really stands out as the one game which proved to me what the Genny was really capable of.

    I now have all the Sonics minus Spinball (Not a real sonic game if you ask me) and i don't have 3 or Sonic and Knuckles. But out Sonic 1, 2, and Sonic 3D I still love the music in Sonic 1 best. The graphics are nice in Sonic 2 but tales is annoying in my opinion. Sonic 3D looks great for being 3D but the quality of the graphics just aren't as good as they were in a 2D platform world. Sonic 3D does have several fantastic music tracks of it's own. But nothing like the first and original Sonic 1. I need to get the 3rd one so that my whole outlook will be changed on these games. Graphically 3 is the shining star. Also the music in 3 from what I have heard of it, is pretty much just as good as the first one if not better on some tracks. I so need to get that one.

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